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Aperture Capital's approach to capital procurement is simple: We get the best deal available for your company.

With the wide variety of capital providers available, the best financing solution for your company is out there. Unfortunately, that solution may not be the simplest or most obvious. Banks and other capital providers count on your management team being too constrained by daily finance duties to take advantage of the full range of providers available. The average management team lacks the time to vet more than three capital providers. And without the time to prepare a defined and focused debt structure, it's even harder to locate the most appropriate provider for your company's needs. End result: Your financing doesn't meet your long-term needs and is more expensive than it needs to be.

Enter Aperture Capital. Aperture Capital takes a traditional, consultative approach to your capital procurement process, relying on nearly two decades of commercial banking and finance experience.  We match you with the capital providers that can best support your company's present and future needs.  We present your historical, present, and pro-forma financial positions to these providers.  Most importantly, we take the time as your advocate to leverage amongst multiple capital providers, ensuring you the very best structure, pricing, and covenant package available.

Our advisory and procurement areas of expertise include:

  • Commercial and asset-based lines of credit
  • Equipment leasing and finance
  • Commercial and residential real estate purchase finance
  • Mezzanine debt
  • Private equity placements
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Leveraged buyout finance.

Let Aperture focus on the capital, so you can focus on your business.