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Aperture Capital is dedicated to a central goal: Capital procurement for your company. Our consultative approach as your advocate in this process requires us to work closely with you on a few key steps.

We craft a complete narrative of your company, aggregating your business' financial data and highlighting it as the primary focus. This analysis is presented in the format providers are most likely to respond to: a single document that maximizes impact and minimizes provider underwriting time. Included in your company's story is such critical information as:

  • Executive summary of capital request
  • Basic financial analysis, including best case and downside projections
  • Identification of key credit risks and appropriate mitigants
  • Presentation and justification of ideal capital and debt structure
  • Analysis of sources of repayment

We identify the most appropriate capital providers for your company. The depth and breadth of our provider base is unparalleled.

We negotiate the final structure. With our inside understanding of the commercial banking/finance decision and underwriting process, we are able to effectively leverage multiple providers against each other.

Combine Aperture Capital's presentation of your data with our competitive field, and the results will always be the most advantageous financial solution that meets your company's goals.

In the event that your management team has the luxury of time and the appropriate contacts in the financial services sector, we are also able to assist you in negotiating your very best deal. Aperture Capital offers basic financial data presentation advisory services, to ensure that your first impression on your own pool of providers is your strongest.

If your company is not yet able to be financed by conventional means, Aperture Capital provides pre-lending, consultative and advisory services to bring your company to the borrowing stage. Through a methodical and consistent approach, we will guide your management team to meet their goals while simultaneously positioning the company for any capital request.

Let us focus on the capital, so you can focus on your business.